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APVA Nominee for 2 Awards

Africana Woman with Chulu podcast has been announced as a nominee for 2 APVA Awards 2022. The Association of African Podcasters and Voiceover Artists received over 2000 submissions in their inaugural year. Our podcast has been nominated in the following categories:

  1. Society and Culture

  2. Advocacy and Social Change

Voting is open from 1st to the 20th July, 2022. Please help us win by casting your votes at

Simply select the categories, select Africana Woman with Chulu then cast your voice.

Thank you so much for your continued support.

Make sure you also learn about the other podcasts that have been nominated across the board. It is exciting to see African Creatives productions. APVA is dedicated to creating a Support System for budding podcasters, Voice-actors, spoken-word artists, poets.

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