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Amplifying African Voices on a Global Stage

We are excited to share that Chulu Chansa, Africana Woman Founder has been announced as a speaker at Podcast Movement, the BIGGEST podcast stage in the world.

She will be speaking on a Panel with fellow African Women Podcasters:

Chulu Chansa with Africana Woman with Chulu, Mo! Ogunsanya with The More Sibyl Podcast, Jedi Ramalapa with Covid In Africa, Paula Rogo, with Kali Media and Akeago Okoye, with African Business Stories present Using Community to Grow Your Podcast in Emerging Markets presents The African Perspective (African Women in Podcasting Share their Experiences)

This journey began on 13 November 2020 when Chulu invited world class African Women podcasters to create a community in the hopes that they could help each other advance in this new media space. The community has since grown in number, expertise and style of podcasting.

Session Title :

Using Community to Grow Your Podcast in Emerging Markets - the African perspective (African women in podcasting share their experiences)

Session Description:

The podcast industry continues to quickly expand in developed markets like North America, Europe and Australia. But what about the rest of the world? The so-called “Podcast Emerging Markets?”

If you are a new or active podcaster in one of these places, the pathways to a successful podcast are steeper, especially if the podcasting ecosystem is still in the nascent stage.

This is why community building is a key ingredient for success in Emerging Markets. And we are bringing our own case study - the African perspective - to showcase this. As African women podcasters spanning the continent, our shows have benefitted from a community intentionally built to circumnavigate a lack of resources, and a lack of access. We want to share with you how we did it

Please join the conversation here. Support the Ladies and show some love.

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