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Africana Woman

Hello Beautiful,

Welcome to Africana Woman, the premier global network for women of African descent. We have the conversations you have always wanted to explore. 

You are an Africana Woman when you desire a full lifestyle. You are intentional about pursuing abundant wealth in:

  • your self love

  • your relationships

  • your spirituality

  • your pursuit of purpose

  • your finances

You believe in leaving an inheritance of generational wealth and not debt.

Wherever you are on this journey we are here to:

  • Support you with our transformational programs 

  • Connect you with a global community of like minded women

  • Celebrate you and keep cheering you on 

You are not alone.

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The AWV Membership is a space to Connect, Collaborate and Celebrate with like minded women. Our Community focuses on a healthy mind, body and spirit as a means to building wealth.

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Do you want to start a podcast?

Africana Woman is on a mission to amplify 1000 African Women's stories. We can help you:

Set up your podcast

Brand your podcast

Social Media Management

Podcast Editing


The KNOW your Roots, Grow Your Purpose Retreat is your chance to press Pause on your busy life. Reflect and Realign with the woman you are becoming.

MARRAKECH 2 - 7 July 2023

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The AW Book Club is a great way to get back into reading consistently. Every month we select a new book of the month to read. However, the real highlight of the club, are the book reviews. The conversations are lively, animated, relatable and help us navigate our own personal human experiences. 


The KNOW your Roots, Grow Your Purpose Retreat is your chance to press Pause on your busy life. Reflect and Realign with the woman you are becoming.

BUBEZI 1 - 4 June 2023

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Chulu Chansa, the founder of Africana Woman, is a Transformational Speaker who combines charm with the highest level of professionalism.

 She delivers thought provoking talks with a touch of humour and an all inclusive approach. Speaking topics:

Single & Happy

Self Love

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Workshop series for Women Circles to upgrade their connection, communication, goal setting & accountability.

Friends | Family | Workmates


podcast network


The Africana Woman with Chulu is an award winning podcast. With over 100 episodes, it was named the Best Society and Culture podcast in Africa by APVA.


Join us as we celebrate African Women by telling your stories in your own words.


We believe that to attract the life you truly desire you must smash the culture of silence on things that hold you back or keep you stuck.

This show is by you, for you and about you. Be inspired to greatness. Learn from other's triumphs & mistakes.


Most important of all rest assured


 A New Episode drops every Saturday at 5am Central African Time